July 1 2021. We are pleased to announce that the LEAF token smart contract excellently passed the smart contract security audit performed by Inspex

Here’s the link to the full audit report by Inspex.

Full Audit Report


Happy Growing Seeders!🌿

As promised we have done our third burn as PROMISED🔥.

We cannot help to excited on what we have for you in the future. We have summarized the burn as the following for your information

📣The first burn🔥 was done accordingly.

Happy Growing Seeders!

As promised we have done our second burn on JUN 20.

Proof of Burn TXN ID:​https://bscscan.com/tx/0xf53d87986178174b38b91fd496810b8bd138e8ca7cab0f81396f273087562ac0

The first burn was done accordingly.

Brief Introduction of Seeder Finance

We are a group of Crypto experts as well as ex bankers who are very focus on making a DeFi world simpler by introducing a product that is easy to use for everyone.

Therefore SEEDER Finance aims to be the simplest DeFi project allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to make the most returns and profits from seeding and farming and activities throughout the platform.

On top of that, the gaming aspect of the platform will allow users to be engaged as well as truly be a part of the platform.

From our experiences, though…

2021 June 18th. As we have more Seeders on board, we have been working on developing our product.

Here are some KEY features and updates for our platform and product

  1. TREE conversion feature will be launched tonight with Convert button enabled

As we mentioned that we found a way for money to grow on trees..

Here’s How!

Blooming Rewards Feature will allow users with LEAF tokens to convert their LEAF into TREE Tokens. TREE Tokens are needed in order for Seeders to become Farm Owners.

Seeder Finance

Because we believe that money grows on trees and we don’t want to keep it a secret.

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