Arena Battle (PvP)

It’s time to collect Seedmons together and prepare to battle with other players to become №1 in the world of SeederVerse by joining the Arena Battle.

Arena Battle is a gameplay where players can form teams of 1–4 Seedmons to battle against other players in PvP mode to earn ‘Victory Points’. The score will be calculated and displayed on the and rewards will be awarded to top players.

To form a team, players must split Seedmons into 2 teams, Attacker and Defender.

Attacker Formation is a team formed by players for attacking opposing player’s Defenders.

Defender Formation is a team formed by players for defending opposing player’s Attackers.

If the Attacker is able to defeat Defender’s Seedmons within 5 minutes, the Attacker wins. If not, then the Defender is the winner.

In-game battles will utilize cards that are based on Seedmon’s ‘Base Action’ where each Seedmon has different commands and skills. In Arena Battle, the system will generate a card for the player when each Seedmon have accumulated 100 percent of ‘Action Gauge’. Players can use the card at anytime, according to the plans and combo. However, player can ONLY accumulate up to the MAXIMUM of 8 cards. If a new card is generated while the player has already accumulated 8 cards (maximum capacity), the new card will be disappeared immediately.

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