As we mentioned that we found a way for money to grow on trees..

Here’s How!

Blooming Rewards Feature will allow users with LEAF tokens to convert their LEAF into TREE Tokens. TREE Tokens are needed in order for Seeders to become Farm Owners.

Tickets to be a Farm Owner — convert your Locked LEAF (we call these Locked LEAFs FERTILIZED SEED or fSEED) into TREE!

ⓐ Before 70% unlock on June 18th you have the chance to convert your fSEED into TREE and become an owner of a farm where you can enjoy additional income from this ownership. Blooming Reward multiplier for TREE holders to enjoy the prestige Owner benefit, even when APR rewards are reduced, you’ll continue to earn income from Farm revenue.

ⓑ Our Farm concept will be a plug-and-play area for game developers to earn revenue on SEEDER, profits will be shared between Game developer (xx%) and TREE holders (xx%)

ⓒ You will enjoy the revenue income of being the Farm Owner as players participate in the games and NFT sales.

ⓓ All gaming profits will be distributed as a dividend for TREE holders ONLY

ⓔ It’s a super rare chance to own your own farm, and can only be converted from your FERTILIZED SEED (locked token) portion only

ⓕ There is a chance to convert back to unlocked LEAF token after 30 DAYS but it once you convert back to LEAF, you can’t repurchase TREE from that same LEAF portion again. *** TREE can be converted from FERTILIZED SEED only. Super rare item, maximum token supply is 70% of total LEAF token generation (if every single one convert to TREE)

ⓖ Reserves for farmers that are really confident in our farms and keep on staking from day one. Sorry paper hands, this stuff is not for you.

Conversion Flow

● If day 15 is the day of unlock, day 10–12 people should be able to start convert LEAF to TREE at 1000:1 ratio (same as you see a tree when reward reached 1K)
● Farm Owners will have different status according to the amount of fSEED they convert per 1 conversion:

● Start Planting TREE in a reward pool (when gaming revenue still low) to enjoy owner benefit (2X reward compare to LEAF staking)

ⓐ BNB-LEAF LP — 30%
ⓑ TREE — 40%
ⓒ LEAF — 10%
ⓓ BNB — 10%

● After 60 days, TREE can be converted back to LEAF at 1000:1
● When transfer TREE use LEAF as a fuel


● There will be a single pool staking for TREE to claim ownership of all games
● Game can be player vs player ( or player vs house (e.g. roulette) so there is a chance the HOUSE have to pay the winning
● To minimize the interaction of contract if the HOUSE have to pay, HOUSE vs. PLAYER game creator need to stake collateral as an expense if HOUSE lose (How?)
● Game owner will share revenue generated from the game

ⓐ Game owner — 10%
ⓑ TREE — 80%
ⓒ Pot — 10% to use as collateral for Seeder own game


Concept of TREE and FARM OWNERS are introduced as part of the BLOOMING REWARD Feature as detailed below.‌

As mentioned, we have found a way for money to grow on trees.. and here’s how!‌

Blooming Rewards Feature will allow users with Locked LEAF tokens to convert their Locked LEAF into TREE Tokens. TREE Tokens are needed in order for Seeders to become Farm Owners.‌

TREE is the only way to have Farm Ownership (besides being on the dev team of course!), and the only way to sit at the big table of Farm Ownership is to convert your Locked LEAF (FERTILIZED SEED or fSEED) into TREE!‌

Farm Owners have multiple benefits from within the platform i.e. revenue sharing or a dividend from farm operation, with the initial access to participate in the TREE pool with the most multiplier APR as well as discounts and access to Rare Items

Getting your TREE

To acquire TREE, you will need to convert your Locked LEAF (Fertilized Seeds or fSEED) into TREE. The Convert Button on the Left Panel will be visible to allow for conversion to be conducted.

convert fSEED to TREE

The conversion ratio is 1,000 fSEED = 1 TREE with the following table to show what are the Ownership Levels and how to obtain it.
To obtain the Ownership LEVEL, the conversion rate needs to be done in 1 conversion (NOT cumulative conversions).
Benefits of ownership levels with vary from time to time.

Ownership Level is associated with the Users Public Address , hence, the ownership level CAN NOT be transferred.

You will not be able to convert back from TREE to LEAF until after 60 days. But you can enjoy all the benefits that come with your Ownership Level.‌

Planting your TREE

TREE can be planted in the TREE Planting Pool initially but new pools will be added in the future and only a certain Ownership level can access to exclusive areas.‌

TREE can also be planted in the Gaming Pool to earn a cut of Gaming revenue as rewards. As we add more and more games onto the platform, the potential earnings from this pool will be extremely high.

About Seeder Finance

SEEDER Finance is the simplest DeFi project allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to make the most returns and profits from seeding and farming and activities throughout the platform.

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Because we believe that money grows on trees and we don’t want to keep it a secret.