Seederverse Marketplace [coming soon…]

SeederVerse is launching its native NFT marketplace where players can trade, transfer, buy / sell Seedmons and items with other players. The marketplace will display the name, price, element, rarity and species of each Seedmon. You can also use the filter to search for particular Seedmon by specifying the Seedmon’s name, Element (Wind, Fire, Water), Rarity (Epic, Rare, Common), Species (Halfling, Beast Plant), total stats and substats (Vitality, Strength, Speed, Dexterity, Intelligence, Luck) to find the Seedmon you want.

Besides allowing players to manage and improve their own team of Seedmons in preparation for the upcoming battles.

We would like to invite all players to take part in this SeederVerse’s digital economy. Come check out the marketplace, perhaps you will find a Seedmon that will be a perfect fit for your team.

Stay tuned, the marketplace is launching soon!!


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