TREE.. similar to the shares of Seeder Finance platform whereby the more TREE you hold, the more benefits you will get from the platform in terms of revenue share among other benefits. Per our Tokenomics, after August 14th, the block reward had been reduced from 40 to 10 per block which makes TREE 4 times harder to obtain.

As of August 17, 2021, you can now convert TREE back to LEAF, BUT you **WILL NOT** be able to convert it back to TREE again, the TREE used in the conversion will be burned to reduce the maximum supply of TREE.

To sum up, since there is a limited number of TREE to begin with, by converting TREE back to LEAF, TREE will be burned with no additional TREE being produced, thus, creating a deep scarcity for TREE.

Besides ownership, TREE will also be used in special events in SeederVerse such as gachapon events and all upcoming events as well as in SeederVerse game play… hence… hang on to your TREE!!

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Because we believe that money grows on trees and we don’t want to keep it a secret.